Mett our ARROW GATE®


The industry standard for fully automatic goods recording

Easy to set up yourself

The ARROW GATE® system is a standardised, IEC certified, but also scalable system with plug & play principle. The gates can also be assembled, set up and set up by non-high frequency technicians in a very short time. In its delivered state, the system is universally applicable and can be put into operation within a short time without expensive technical personnel. Thanks to the scalable system, the frame can be adapted to any required size, while always retaining its certification.

The installed SIEMENS® hardware convinces in the usual quality.

Intelligent data sets

The ARROW GATE® is supplied with a decentralised logic centre. The integrated multi-level filter software not only recognises all goods equipped with RFID transponders, but also the direction in which they are moved. This registers whether the goods are being moved, for example, from the warehouse to order picking or from production to the warehouse. The data records obtained in this way can be booked immediately and save valuable working time or reduce the occurrence of errors such as incorrect bookings or the incorrect creation of data records. A simple connection to higher-level enterprise systems guarantees that the data can be interpreted by any existing software. No further installation is necessary.

ARROW GATE TAGnology Vollautomatische Warenerfassung Smart Logistics RFID

Automatic backup and new service concept

With ARROW GATE®, TAGnology offers a new service concept: All relevant data sets (such as IP addresses, presettings etc.) are automatically stored on an SD memory card as a backup. In the event of a malfunction, the device can also be immediately put back into operation by non-technicians. This means a considerable reduction in downtime in the event of a malfunction. If replacement should be necessary, this is done with only one spare part. The control box can be completely replaced with just a few simple steps. The SD memory card remains in the system. After the exchange, the decentralized intelligence automatically takes over all data from the backup on the memory card and goes back into operation immediately.

The Gate convinces in its complete product cycle: Plug & Play installation is carried out within a very short time without requiring specialist personnel, guarantees fully automated processing of all goods movements and malfunctions can be repaired without much loss of time. This makes ARROW GATE®, which has already been awarded the IT Innovation Prize of the Initiative Mittelstand in 2017, the top class of Industry 4.0.

The ARROW GATE® can be experienced at any time in the in-house RFID centre by appointment.

ARROW GATE® in practical use

Your competitive advantages

Creation of transparency in intralogistics

Simple connection to superimposed enterprise systems

Avoidance of false entries

Securing the flow of goods

Output of qualified booking data

Bulk detection

Smart Logistics: Standardized solution for incoming and outgoing goods

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