Discover here RFID in carbon composite material, a method for contactless identification of fiber composite material.

Carbon Composite: RFID in fiber composite material

With clear disc transponders invisible to the naked eye, fiber composite components can be identified and tracked during the production phase and processing.

The 20 to 30 mm thick Clear Disc Tag installed between the fibre layers accompanies your entire production and storage process, automatically documents every step and provides you with valuable information to optimise your material flows.

Clear. Tamper-proof. Powerful.

The globally unique Unique ID Number programmed on the transponder identifies your carbon composite product contactlessly, maintenance-free and without batteries thanks to RFID.

Thanks to the unchangeable UID number and the RFID tag, which is mechanically protected against manipulation, your product has a unique digital fingerprint.

Smart Service as USP

Expand your business model by offering your end customers up-to-date information about the ordered carbon composite product as a smart service via a smartphone app.

TAGscan Faserverbundwerkstoff Reader RFID


80 x 80 x 20 mm

Desktop read and write device
for programming of
Carbon TAGs in industrial

TAGscan Faserverbundwerkstoff Reader RFID


84 x 53 x 19 mm

Mobile reader for evaluation
from Carbon TAGs, sends data directly to
Android or iOS devices.

New: Carbon TAG Starter Kit

Consisting of the Carbon TAG Set, an industrial RFID reader set and including the Carbon software as a demo version, the cost-effective Starter Kit offers you an insight into Industry 4.0 and the numerous benefits of contactless identification.


Carbon Composite Reader Faserverbundwerkstoff RFID


Carbon Composite Faserverbundwerkstoff RFID TAGnology




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