Meet our RFID based Customer counter


Fully Automated counting of Store-Customers with Traffic-Light-System

Analyses your customer movements

CROWDY in the cloud-version supplies valuable statistics of your customers. In addition to the time spent in your store, a protocol can be run at which stage of the day and which weekday(s) your customer has entered your store. The reporting is drawn down from the web and is 100% anonymous.

Because of its compact-built, ultra-modern RFID-technology and cost-efficiency, CROWDY is not only useful during the COVID-19 crisis, but also an important step in direction of Industry 4.0. This System is available also in larger numbers in a matter of days.

TAGnology CROWDY Fully Automated Counting Customers Traffic Light Marketing Industry 4.0

How does it work

Before entering the store, the customer picks up an RFID-label/tag from a dispenser.

When the signal shows „green“, the customer can enter the Store and will be automatically counted.

When the customer leaves the store, the headcount will be updated in real-time.

Before entering your store, customers pick up self-adhesive RFID labels from the contactless label dispenser and stick this label to their clothing.

CROWDY automatically counts how many customers have entered or have left the store. Several customers can enter or leave the store at the same time. CROWDY is geared up for that.

At the entrance of the store, a Traffic-Light Systems is installed. This shows customers that are wanting to enter the store if they can come in or not. If customers are trying to by-pass the CROWDY system, an audible alarm will be set off (Entry if the Traffic Light is showing “red”, or if customers without a label are found/identified by the Staff).

Two offline versions are available either for 1 or 2 Entrances for which no data-transfer is necessary. The Cloud-Version for more than 2 entrances/exits utilises the Internet-of-Things to transfer the data, no internet connection necessary.

The one-time RFID labels that are currently supplied comply with COVID-19 regulations and at a later date can be replaced with re-usable RFID Cards.

TAGnology CROWDY Fully Automated Counting Customers Traffic Light Marketing Industry 4.0

Certified RFID-Technology: Plug it in, ready to use!

Thanks to the simple Plug & Play Set-Up, the system will be connected to the store’s power-supply and can be started up immediately without expensive installation charges by outside engineers. The compact-built of the manipulation-safe scanning-station works with the high performance, certified TAGnology hardware.

Through an integrated, intelligent direction-sensing, you will only need one system per entrance/exit.

With multiple stations connected, you can furthermore analyze larger areas or whole floor-levels.

Utilising the RFID-Technology, the system functions reliably even in difficult light conditions with reflections (sunshine) etc. in which optical systems utilising optical sensors or camera-systems have difficulties.The system is completely configured, and if needed, can be changed through a web-interface by your staff. On top of that, TAGnology offers a support hotline.

CROWDY is produced in cooperation with regional manufacturers and thus actively contributes to strengthening the local economy.


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