Discover our intelligent Smart Home Solution.

ioTAG Smart Home Solution

The Smart Home application from market leader TAGnology monitors and controls your living environment reliably and fully automatically.

With the ioTAG smart home application, you can monitor and control your home environment from the comfort of your smartphone, with direct control from anywhere in the world via an encrypted connection.

Smart home means communication between all household devices to reduce your daily routine and household chores. This can include: lighting systems, air conditioning systems, security systems, kitchen appliances, electronic devices.

Monitor your environmental factors

The unit automatically logs and warns you of abnormal temperatures, water levels, open doors and windows, unauthorized access or power failures.

Control everything via App

With the app you can control entrance doors, lighting, air conditioning, heating elements, garage doors, driveways, ramps, household items, blackout elements and much more. Support is provided for ANDROID and iOS.

Absolute security

Monitor your living environment directly via smartphone. The system automatically registers and alerts you if windows, doors or other access points are open that could be used by people entering your home. Personalize your smartphone interface to get the information you need at a glance.