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Discover thousands of products from well-known manufacturers and in-house production in the RFID/NFC web shop and obtain your components with accessories as well as complete systems and software with just a click of the mouse.

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Optimize your goods movements, production and work processes with high-end RFID systems specially designed to meet your requirements – innovation guaranteed!

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The TAGpilot Smart Editions are the entry package into the world of RFID-based container management, mobile maintenance, mobile inventory and object monitoring.


TAGnology develops solutions that are optimized for your specific requirements. Both your technical and operational environment play very important roles in our methodology – discover some examples of satisfied customers.


We research and develop for research funding in cooperation with educational institutions and for customer-specific system and product developments.

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In the free, non-binding online configurator, which takes just a few minutes, you define your wishes and requirements, which we then take care of immediately.


TAGnology means innovation. In our in-house RFID Center we design and test the implementation of new RFID approaches and products for your individual requirements.

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The development and implementation of your RFID solution includes technical, operational and economic aspects, which we work out together with you.


TAGnology means a head start. Our training courses are implemented on request under strict NDA conditions and in all group sizes. Learn about product news, innovations and economic approaches directly from the market leader.

RFID/NFC solutions for standard users

You want to use the advantages of Digitalisation Industry 4.0 for your company? With our ready-made, standardized RFID/NFC solutions you can optimize your goods movements, automate work processes and improve your material flow.

We would also be happy to advise you personally.