The readily designed and easily integrated RFID unit for reliable detection of your transponders


A unique selling point of the READ POINT® is not only the decentralized intelligent filter software to avoid misreadings, but also the Plug & Play concept, which is a new type of RFID solution. This ensures a very high system availability in the event of service. In combination with IEC certification of our system, this technological revolution thus meets all current requirements of modern manufacturing industry 4.0. The system has been awarded several innovation prizes.


Compatible with all current ERP systems

The solution represents both a modular and standardized control unit for the bulk acquisition of objects equipped with an RFID transponder. The read events are evaluated locally and only qualified booking data is forwarded to superimposed middleware and/or enterprise systems via an XML interface.

The control cabinet concept of the READ POINT® contains high-quality technology, has a uniform design and is manufactured in a highly cost-efficient manner.


Low downtimes in case of service

On the READ POINT® switch cabinet, all connections to the outside are pluggable or screwable. This means that the complete control component can be replaced quickly and easily in the event of servicing, thus considerably minimizing downtimes.

Your competitive advantages


Creation of transparency in intralogistics

Simple connection to superimposed enterprise systems

Avoidance of accounting errors

Securing the flow of goods

Output of qualified booking data

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