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Technische Machbarkeitsprüfungen

In our in-house RFID Center, we examine how RFID technology can solve your problem, which hardware components are suitable and how the implementation can be carried out – all this, of course, confidentially.


The development and implementation of your RFID solution includes not only a technical but also an operational component. Together with you, we work out a holistic approach, taking into account all economic aspects.
Forschungsförderung mit Bildungseinrichtungen_TAGnology

Research funding with educational institutions

In cooperation with Austrian educational and research institutions, TAGnology develops state-of-the-art and innovative RFID solutions, technologies and holistic approaches.
Kundenspezifische Systementwicklungen TAGnology

Customer-specific system developments

Systems specially developed according to the desired requirements mean progress, digitalisation and innovation for our customers.
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Fraunhofer IPK: iWePro

Intelligent self-organizing workshop production

  • Realization of a flexible smart shop floor production with decentralized production control
  • Synchronization of centralized and decentralized control and monitoring functions through the integration of cyberphysical production system (CPPS)

University of Leoben: FFG Project

Smart Guide for Smart Maintenance


In this project the “Smart Guide for Smart Maintenance” was researched and developed. This is an intelligent control system for maintenance staff, which carries out a dynamic plant evaluation in the background on the basis of historical and dynamic real-time data, derives the potential faults with resulting plant downtimes, prioritises these according to risk or downtime costs and, in turn, derives a dynamic resource planning for maintenance staff.