RFID Forklift System

Fully automatic object identification and localisation with passive RFID technology – suitable for forklifts, cranes and industrial trucks.

The RFID solution for your warehouse movements is optimized for use with forklifts, cranes and industrial trucks and automatically registers the loaded goods while they are being moved. The brand of your transport equipment is not important, our forklift system is manufacturer-independent.

This RFID Forklift System is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use and works without problems even in high or low temperature environments. Its compact aluminium cast iron construction as well as its integrated vibration dampers create absolute robustness in daily use!

Maintenance-free Plug & Play principle

Just plug it in and get started: All relevant system data is stored on an already integrated memory card. This means that in the event of damage, the device can be replaced within minutes without losing the data.

The stacker system has also been developed for mobile solutions with high system availability and profiles in use with existing RTLS systems. Our technical experts will be happy to advise you without obligation.

You want to test our RFID stacker or get more information?

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