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RFID-Hardware and total solutions

ARROW GATE TAGnology Vollautomatische Warenerfassung Smart Logistics RFID


Fully automatic recording of your goods movements with direction recognition. The ARROW GATE® system is a standardised, IEC certified, but also scalable system with plug & play principle.


The readily designed & easily integrated RFID unit for reliable detection of your transponders and mapping of Track & Trace concepts along the entire value chain.


Fully automated recording of incoming and outgoing goods, especially for inventory management and textile and laundry logistics with robust and reliable RFID technology.

RFID Forklift System

Fully automated object identification and localization with passive RFID technology for your stock movements.


Robust and secure RFID TAG identification for workpiece carrier systems made of wire.


The fully automatic visitor counter with traffic light system provides you with valuable customer information and automatically controls the entrance area of your store.

ioTAG Smart Home Solution

The Smart Home application reliably monitors and controls your living environment.


Zone Monitoring & Find(ZOMOFI®) enables efficient track & trace and access systems in almost all areas of industry thanks to RFID components.


Thanks to its reinforcement with glass fiber, the PA6-TAG is one of the most robust RFID transponders on the market. The elements, which are produced in-house, are mainly used in areas with high mechanical, chemical and refrigeration requirements.