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Smart Solutions

Discover our intelligent RFID solutions for your individual requirements developed in cooperation with our software subsidiary TAGpilot: Optimize your load carrier management, simplify your inventory work, protect your production equipment from breakdowns with mobile maintenance, monitor valuable objects with ZOMOFI® and train your colleagues or junior staff in Industry 4.0.


The fully automatic, easy-to-install and low-maintenance RFID solution independently analyzes and processes your stock movements – compatible with all common ERP systems and Android smartphones.

Optimize your load carrier container management!


Container management is a central component of supply chain, production and transport logistics. Increasing transparency in container processes guarantees you savings and quality improvements.


Inventory means the taking of physical assets by counting, measuring or weighing. On the one hand, this creates the basis for an economic evaluation of the objects, on the other hand, it also creates a database that provides transparency about availability, degree of use and storage location in terms of upcoming process optimization or improvement of planning.

If all objects are equipped with Auto ID/RFID TAGs and the inventory is carried out with mobile data acquisition devices, counting the objects and assigning them to locations or actions can be drastically simplified and documented.


Maximum safety for the workforce and material assets, protection against breakdowns – the functional condition of technical systems, components, production facilities and operating equipment plays a decisive role in this respect. And thus Auto ID/RFID-based mobile maintenance.


TAGpilot object monitoring is an application based on the TAGpilot auto ID platform and the active RFID system ZOMOFI® for monitoring valuable objects such as works of art, measuring instruments, valuables or containers. The solution is used to determine whether objects equipped with special identification hardware are moved and thus manipulated.

The aim of this solution is to detect the manipulation of objects and thus to protect them from unauthorized transport, use, destruction or theft. The use of our solution represents a cost-effective, fast and convenient alternative to conventional wired monitoring mechanisms or similar.


It is especially designed for educational and research institutions that want to teach their pupils, trainees and students the RFID / Auto ID technology in the context of a technical, logistical or business management education in the way it will later be used in practice: With planning, conception and the interaction of hardware and software.