Secure your competitive advantage and benefit from all the advantages of Industry 4.0 – with RFID trainings from TAGnology directly in ID[K]NOW.


Let us tap our full potential together – confidentially if desired.

“Once one has become master in one thing, one should become disciple in a new thing. “

  • Gerhart Hauptmann, playwright, translated

You can learn something in our in-house ID[K]NOW training centre: In a relaxed atmosphere and with a lot of humour, our specialist staff will train you in all aspects of RFID, NFC and Industry 4.0.

Despite the intensive and sometimes very complex specialist knowledge, it is our concern to convey relevant and realisable blocks of knowledge for you. Learn about product news, innovations, modern implementation methods and economic approaches directly from the market leader TAGnology.

We will be happy to arrange external catering on request and cater to special requests, just let us know what you need.

Knowledge means advantage

If you wish, your training will take place in a closed circle and confidentially under NDA. In this way we guarantee you the necessary lead over your competitors.

(Pictures shown here are from the opening ceremony of ID[K]NOW and were taken with the consent of all visitors. Of course no photographs will be taken during your training)


Due to the COVID situation there are currently no trainings taking place. We regret this very much, but the health of our customers and employees is of course more important.

ID[K]NOW TAGnology RFID NFC Schulungen
ID[K]NOW TAGnology RFID NFC Schulungen
ID[K]NOW TAGnology RFID NFC Schulungen