Discover WSTAG – RFID TAG for workpiece carrier systems made of wire


The RFID TAG for workpiece carrier systems made of wire

The development of the WSTAG was born with a requirement from the automotive industry. Applications such as intralogistics eKANBAN, container management and status recognition, automatic picking processes and much more can be implemented with it. The benefit lies in process optimisation and increased quality. An intelligent overall solution enables rule-based condition monitoring and traceability for logistics and intralogistics in industry.

Withstands the most stringent requirements

It is necessary to provide each load carrier SMART or with a transponder for a unique identification. The requirements lie in the technical function such as international UHF/ISO standards, large detection ranges or single or bulk detection directly on the trolley. The physical requirements include small load carriers with metal loaded workpieces, as well as vibrations, shocks and other mechanical loads, cleaning procedures, UV, temperature influences during transport.

Assembly with one click

The installation of the TAG’s must be tool-free, quick and easy, taking into account the different designs and manufacturing tolerances of the lattice cages. In addition to the WSTAGs, the overall solution also provides for the use of a TAGcabinet, which handles the initialisation and logical marriage of the TAGs on workpiece carrier systems made of wire to trolleys.

Your benefits:

Specially designed for workpiece carriers made of wire

Can be installed with one click without drilling or gluing

No change or damage to the workpiece carriers

Vacuum drying suitable

High detection range

High mechanical strength

Resistant to dry cleaning

Industry 4.0 and IoT Ready

Ingenious with TAGcabinet and ARROW GATE

With the interaction of WSTAG and TAGcabinet/ARROW GATE® you can exploit the full potential of contactless and automated identification.