Zone Monitoring & Find (ZOMOFI®) enables efficient and invisible protection of your valuables and facilities thanks to RFID components

Zone Monitoring & Find (ZOMOFI®) enables the integration of active RFID tags (radio frequency identification), components and solutions for a wide range of special applications, such as the safe and efficient monitoring and protection of your valuables and assets.
Our ZOMOFI® solutions are mainly used in museums, exhibition areas and studios.

The secure monitoring of valuable objects, e.g. valuable works of art, expensive measuring instruments, valuables or process-relevant objects, is an essential basis for protection against shrinkage, loss or theft.

An associated solution serves to determine whether objects equipped with special identification hardware are moved and thus manipulated. The aim of the solution is to detect the manipulation of objects and thus to protect against unauthorized use, destruction or theft. Such a solution must be cost-effective and be a fast and convenient alternative to conventional wired monitoring mechanisms.

However, Zone Monitoring & Find is universally applicable

ZOMOFI® can be used in various scenarios:
– Presence/absence, for real-time localization
– Coverage by mapping in cells or precise and
goal-oriented pursuit
– Monitoring in halls and storage areas
– Monitoring in passages
– tracking in trucks, including temperature monitoring
– High range access control
– Safety of people

Use Case (Industry): Status recognition sensors for lubricators

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